Gen0.5a and TOS Enterprise

Gen0.5a and TOS Enterprise

For those who feel the GEN1 is too big, here is a 50% smaller GEN 0.5. It is actually 1/4 of the power and mass of the original, because of an inverse square law of proportions. Is is a lot lighter than the TOS Enterprise, since it is made of lightweight composite, rather than super futuristic battle armor.

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3 Responses to Gen0.5a and TOS Enterprise

  1. onewithclay says:

    How far can it boldly go, Michel?

  2. Michel lamontagne says:

    Solar system only. Mars, venus, mercury, no problem; Jupiter in a pinch. Saturn a bit too long travel time at base design, but could go with low cargo, reduced crew and upgraded reactors and engines.

  3. darren says:

    how big is gen 0.5 enterprise i mean like length wise etc

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