Lil Universe misused

Lil Universe missused

From a ceramic piece of Gary W. Bowers.

A most disrespectful use of a lovely piece.
Partly inspired by the alien in the Novel The Byworlder, by Poul Anderson. An alien with dentritic arms and legs, than made a strong impression on me in my young age.

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4 Responses to Lil Universe misused

  1. onewithclay says:

    I read and loved THE BYWORLDER when I was a college student, Michel. I’m a HUGE Poul Anderson fan. What a wonderful way to start my online day. THANKS!!!

    • Glad you liked it! The 100 little holes somehow connected to the 100 little fingers…
      Tan Zero and The Man who Counts are two stories of Poul Anderson that changed the way I see the world.

      • onewithclay says:

        Tau Zero was superb! Brain Wave–A Midsummer Tempest–The Winter of the World–The Day of Their Return–The Boat of a Million Years–loved them all, plus the Hoka stories with Gordy Dickson, plus the PolesoTechnic League stuff with wily Nicholas Van Rijn. I also like the work of Greg Bear, his son-in-law. Haven’t read The Man Who Counts–I’ll look it up!

  2. Yes, Brain Wave. A different kind of Animal Farm…
    The High Crusade was also a lot of fun, they even made a movie out of it! (horrible, from all accounts I’ve come across). I remember some Greg Bear, the concept of picting comes to mind. The man who counts was a Van Rijn, story, perhaps a novella, so it may be hidden in a collection. Anderson was very good at aliens, the flying Ythri really captured my imagination.

    I’ve just looked him up in Wikipedia and boy he sure wrote a lot! Perhaps time to reread some classics…. I think i’ll be raiding my brother’s bookshelves ( he has thousands of SF books, from the sixties to the nineties; he got all the books from my dad’s lifelong collection and added some of his own).

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